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3 Reasons Ignoring Back Pain Is Not The Answer

If you’re experiencing lower back pain, stop me if you’ve heard this one: “Hey, just rest up, you’ll be okay in a week or so.” No matter how well-intentioned, ignoring back pain is never a good idea, because neglecting symptoms rarely leads to back pain relief. Lower back pain can be caused by many different conditions.

Sometimes it goes away on its own. Other times, back pain is a symptom of a more serious medical condition. One of these more serious conditions is degenerative disc disease. The lower section of your spine is made up of lumbar vertebra, and between these vertebrae are fibro cartilaginous discs. Think of these discs as “shock absorbers” that protect the spinal cord and prevent your vertebrae from rubbing together. As we age, most people experience some level of degenerative disc disease. This condition leads to inflammation around the spinal cord, which causes lower back pain. Now, you might bethinking, “if this happens to most everyone when we age, it’s no big deal, right?” Wrong. Here are three important reasons why anyone interested in back pain relief in Atlanta should seek treatment for their lower back pain at Atlanta Spine Specialists.

1. Back pain can be progressive

In some cases, back pain is a symptom of a medical condition that will not get better on its own. Degenerative disc disease, for example, is progressive. In most cases the pain, along with potential damage, will worsen over time.

2. Treatment can really help

Overall, the prognosis for acute lower back pain is positive. During the first two to six weeks, simple treatment with over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and manual medicine such as physical therapy or chiropractic are often used. Pain and disability often improve a great deal in the first four to six weeks.

3. Learning “why” is the first step to recovery

While no treatment is or can be one hundred percent guaranteed, Dr. Michael Skaliy and the team at Atlanta Spine Specialists have been able to help countless patients looking for back pain relief in the Atlanta area. There is no reason to continue suffering. Early detection can make a big difference for many people searching for back pain relief. Knowing why your back is hurting is the first step in stopping or reducing the pain.

We want to help you find answers, then we want to help you apply minimally invasive treatment solutions to change your life. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Skaliy today!

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