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Male Portrait

Dr. Skaliy and team have done a great job with my issues and spends as much time teaching me about my condition and causes as they do treating me.  It is good to know the details to ensure I am doing my part to improve.

– Gregory K.

Portrait Man

Dr. Skaley and the staff do a fantastic job. He outlines the procedure and expected outcomes!


– Chris B.

Smiling Senior Woman

Dr. Skaily and staff seem to really care about helping you.

– Anna Marie G.

Senior Man

Dr. Skailey was great. He spent time explaining my problem and various options to fix it. I rarely find a doctor and staff who will spend the time to talk to you and not in a condescending tone. He seems like a regular guy. I would highly recommend.

– William B.

Portrait of Young Woman

OMG! I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Skaily & his AMAZING staff. Dr. Skaily actually took the time to examine me & give me a diagnosis! He also did his best to keep me pain free while him & his staff worked their fingers to the bone fighting my insurance company. Once the insurance finally approved the procedure the entire office stopped by to express their joy for me... I can't say enough good things about these fantastic people!!! If you are in pain, come to these marvelous people, they will do everything in their power to help you.

- Sharrla Rodgers

Senior Couple

My husband could not walk due to back pain. This procedure has kept him from having back surgery and doing all the things he loves.

Rhonda Phillips

X-Ray Results

The staff was very friendly and professional! I went there expecting to hear I would need surgery. I was in excruciating pain to the point of tears for almost a month prior to visiting his office. I was nervous with the lower ratings …. However Dr S blew my mind, he took the time to review my MRI and explained to me 1 maybe 3 epidurals is all I would need. I left there in a little disbelief because I was certain I only surgery could fix this veer of pain. However, after my 1st epidural 2 days later I was pain free I did not even need an Anti-inflammatory!! Go give them opportunity meet your needs, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Still pain free and do hospital sweeps at work. ???? I feel like I have a new lease on life!



Love Dr. Mike and staff. My son has had some back problems and I found Dr Mike doing a web search for top spine doctors in the USA. He’s been very informative and going the extra mile to try and help my son with his problems. He spent a lot of time listening to us and talking. Really feel like he will be able to help. We’ve just started seeing him and can’t wait to see how he’ll help my son.


Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

I have been seeing Dr. Skaliy since 2006 on and off. He has help with some very important decisions on my back health. He is direct and to the point he does not play around when it comes to prescribing meds not saying he has not ever taken care of my pain needs but he knows when it is time to cut back or stop all together.

– A. Cagle in Lawrenceville, GA

Senior Trans Person

Dr. S is special person. I have been seeing him for approx. 1 Year and have received excellent service. He explained every procedure and what to expect from that procedure. He is very accommodating to the needs of his patients. His staff is very helpful. All the ladies are very kind and caring. Thank for giving me a chance to get back to my favorite game (golf).

– Maryann G.

Old Man Sitting

I am writing this review on behalf of my dad Jerry King. Dr. Skaliy has been a Godsend to him. He has fixed issues and has been completely professional. He got to the bottom of his back issues, and had him up and running his normal pace quickly. Dr. Skaliy is highly recommend for any of your spinal issues.

– Janelle P.

Smiling Senior Woman

Dr.Skaily and his staff are very caring.They like to get to the root of your pain and help you get back to life!!!

– Anna G.

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