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Get Relief from Back, Neck, Hip or Joint Pain Without Surgery.

We offer individualized cutting edge, minimally invasive treatments to effectively treat pain and get you back to living life again.

Atlanta Spine Specialists has helped thousands of patients achieve a pain free life. One of the key components is our personalized care. Understanding each patient, their pain and life circumstances, while developing a unique plan.


What are patients saying about Atlanta Spine Specialists?

We take great pride in our patients and their courage to overcome physical challenges, from pain management. Please take this opportunity to learn more about their experiences.


I was in awful pain and unable to sit. Dr. Skaliy found the root of my problem, offered me ways to get better and now I am back to living a full life. Thank you! I have seen some negative reviews and I do not understand negative comments. The staff is wonderful and the Dr. truly cares! I can appreciate comments about the expenses because healthcare does not always cover all that it used to or what we think they should and sometimes it is frustrating when you have to put money out pocket for your care. BUT can you really put a dollar amount on living a full life?


I am writing this review on behalf of my dad Jerry King. Dr. Skaliy has been a Godsend to him. He has fixed issues and has been completely professional. He got to the bottom of his back issues, and had him up and running his normal pace quickly. Dr. Skaliy is highly recommend for any of your spinal issues.


The staff was very friendly and professional! I went there expecting to hear I would need surgery.I was in excruciating pain to the point of tears for almost a month prior to visiting his office. I was nervous with they lower ratings ….However Dr S blew my mind , Hate it time to review my MRI and explained to me 1 maybe 3 epidurals is all I would need. I left there in a little disbelief because I was certain I only surgery could fix this veer of pain . However after my 1st epidural 2 days later I was pain free I did not even need an Anti-inflammatory!! Go give them opportunity meet your needs, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Still pain free and do hospital sweeps at work. ♡♡♡♡ I feel like I have a new lease on life!

– J.Othen