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At Atlanta Spine Specialists, we look forward to helping you get back to life!

Atlanta Spine Specialists reviews the symptoms you are experiencing and is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of your  pain while specializing in minimally invasive non-surgical treatments. Fortunately, the majority of pain patients do not need surgery in order to find relief. Minimally invasive treatments allow you to continue your daily activities with less interference to you and your family. We can diagnosis and treat your  pain using the most advanced and up to date non-surgical techniques. We will then help you make a personal decision as to what treatment best meets your personal needs.


Our outpatient, non-hospital setting allows you to receive your medical treatment safely, quickly and privately, so that you can get on the road to a rapid recovery.


All procedures are performed in our state of the art ambulatory setting, thereby avoiding the inconvenience and long wait times that are typically seen when being treated in a more expensive and less efficient hospital setting.

Meet Dr. Skaliy

Throughout his career, Dr. Michael Skaliy has felt that medicine is a rapidly changing field and he continues to stay up-to-date to bring the latest cutting edge therapies into his practice. He is an expert in S Cell Therapy and minimally invasive same day surgery, which is done through a small device the size of a pencil.


For many years, pain has been treated as a symptom with no cure available. With the advent of minimally invasive orthopedic (back, hip, knee) surgery and S Cell Therapy, Dr. Skaliy has moved into Regenerative Medicine to reverse the problem that is causing the pain, thereby providing long-term pain relief to his patients.


The mission of Atlanta Spine Specialists is to provide state of the art S Cell Therapy – Regenerative Medicine as well as other regenerative medical treatments to help patients regain a pain free life. We offer our own onsite state of the art surgical center as well as a highly trained nursing staff.


Dr. Skaily and his staff are passionate about educating patients to insure the best possible solution is presented and in a safe and ethical manner. We believe that even if a patient does not choose our practice, we strive to educate, inform and discuss your options to assist one in finding their way to living a full, happy, pain free life.


Dr. Skaliy was born in Savannah, Georgia and grew up in the Atlanta area. He is a devoted husband and father of two sons. He attended the pre-medical program at Tulane University and graduated from the Medical College of Georgia. He attended the University of Tennessee for his four-year residency in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Dr. Mike Skaliy, MD After graduating, Dr. Skaliy became Board Certified in Anesthesiology and in 1997, he became Board Certified in Pain Management. He is a member of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and the International Society of Spinal Injectionists. Dr. Skaily is a member of The American Academy of S Cell Physicians (AAOSCP), an organization created to advance research and the development of therapeutics in regenerative medicine, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease related to or occurring within the human body.


Dr. Skaliy was chairman of Anesthesiology and Pain Management for Georgia Baptist Medical Center for ten years. He served on the Board of Trustees of the hospital for eight years and was Chief of Staff of the hospital prior to going into private practice and opening Atlanta Spine Specialists in Atlanta, Georgia.


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